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Jason Herbert is the creator of Historians At The Movies. He is a historian specializing in American Indian, Atlantic, American, and Environmental history. He received his Ph.D. in history from University of Minnesota in 2022. His research focuses on the social, diplomatic, political, and environmental transformations of Indigenous Florida from the 16th through 19th centuries. He expects to defend his doctoral dissertation in May 2021. He is also a cofounder of the Allen Morris Forum on the Native South, which you can learn more about here:

Historians At The Movies is a weekly event in which people all over the world watch and live-tweet a movie together with historians. Every Sunday night at 8pm Eastern, we fire up a film on Netflix and starting tweeting. We laugh, we cry, we historicize. But we do it as a COMMUNITY. And you're invited!


So how do you play along? Easy. Follow me on twitter at @herberthistory and follow the hashtag #HATM. Around 7:30pm eastern on Sunday night I'll start the night's conversation. You'll see us. At exactly 8pm, we all push play together and then tweet about the movie using the hashtag #HATM. You get to watch something fun and usually do it with experts in the field who are often as caught up in the movie as you. It's a ton of fun, super informative, and insanely addictive. 


We're now in three continents! If you're in Australia, check out #HATMAus by following @joelgbarnes and @chelseabarnett!

In the U.K., join in with #HATMUK by following @waitmanb!


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